Hastelloy® is one of the popular nickel steel alloys. More than most other metals of similar chemistry, Hastelloy® offers superior protection against powerful chemical corrosion and comes with one of the best high-temperature strengths of any other steel. It’s no wonder that this types of steel choice for countless applications in energy, health and environmental, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and flue gas desulfurization industries are increasingly using.

Alloys of identical mechanical and chemical properties are available from other excellent and offer manufacturers alternatives to the various Hastelloy® brand alloys.

Hastelloy C22

hastelloyc22A most versatile product like nickel-chromium-molybdenum-tungsten alloy available today with improved resistance to both localized and uniform corrosion as well as to a variety of mixed industrial chemicals but the Hastelloy C-22 alloy exhibits superior weldability and is used as weld overlay consumablesover and alloy filler wire to improve resistance to corrosion.

Hastelloy C-22 alloy has exceptional resistance to a wide variety of chemical process environments, including strong oxidizers such as cupric and ferric chlorides, chlorine, hot contaminated solutions like (inorganic and organic), acetic anhydride and acetic acids, formic, and seawater and brine solutions.

Hastelloy C276

Hastelloy_C276Excellent corrosion-resistant to both oxidizing and reducing media and excellent resistance to localized corrosion attack.

HASTELLOY® C-276 alloy is a nickel-molybdenum-chromium wrought alloy that is generally considered a versatile corrosion-resistance alloy. C-276 alloy is an improved wrought version of alloy C in that it usually doesn’t need to be solution heat-treated after welding and has vastly improved fabricability.

Hastelloy B2

Hastelloy_B2Hastelloy B2 is a nickel-molybdenum alloy with significant resistance to reducing environments, such as hydrogen chloride gas and sulfuric, acetic and phosphoric acids..

The alloy should not be used in oxidizing media or where oxidizing contaminants are available in reducing media. Premature failure may occur if alloy B2 is used where iron or copper is present in a system containing hydrochloric acid..

Hastelloy B3

hastelloy-b3Hastelloy B3 alloy (UNS N10675) is an excellent resistance alloy to hydrochloric acid at all concentrations and temperatures. It also withstands sulfuric, acetic, formic and phosphoric acids, and other nonoxidizing media. B-3 alloy has a special chemistry designed to achieve a level of thermal stability greatly superior to that of its predecessors, e.g. HASTELLOY B-2 alloy.